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The following files are the latest version of the SPAW model. Download them to your computer in a TEMP file, then use OPEN FILE to install.

NOTE: Updated to new files April 25, 2007. Minor SPAW program changes, no Soil Water Characteristic changes, and updated documents including evaporaton and soils data sources. See additional information in the HELP documents.

Interest Topics: 1.) SPAW Hydrology Model for Water Budgets, copy 1st file; 2) Model information, 2nd or 3rd file; 3) Soil Water Characteristics, copy 1st and 4th and/or 5th file. 4) Evaporation Maps are provided by the US Weather Bureau as referenced in the SPAW Help Menu. 5). Instructions for USDA/NRCS Soils Data WEB Access.

SPAW Model with Soil Water Characteristics.exe (6.02.75)

==> try this link if the above fails <==

SPAW Proceedings Paper.pdf

SPAW Model Book Chapter.pdf

Soil Water Characteristic Estimates by Texture.pdf

Soil Water Characteristic Equations.xls

Evaporation Default Files for USA

(These *.djvu files require a free reader plug-in available from : http://www.djvuzone.org/download.html.)

Instructions for USDA/NRCS Soils Data Access


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